Olay Body Touch of Sun, Light/Medium Skin Tone

Daily body lotion plus a touch of sunless tanner. Moisturizes and gives skin a sun-kissed glow. Designed for light to medium skin tones. Olay Body Touch of Skin is a long-lasting Olay body lotion infused with a kiss of self tanner, so every day you will subtly enhance your skin's tone and color as you deeply moisturize. Immediately, this non-greasy body lotion will provide a burst of moisture that will last for 24 hours, like your regular Olay body lotion. In a few days, it will gradually enhance your skin's tone and color without streaks or orange coloring. With regular use, it will give you soft, moisturized skin and maintain a natural and gentle glow all year round. Olay Touch of Sun works with your skins unique chemistry to bring out your natural radiance, It will give you a beautiful sun-kissed glow all year round.