True Lemon Crystallized Lemon, Unsweetened

100% natural ingredients. One packet = Taste of one wedge. For water, teas & recipes. 0 calories, 0 g sugars. Real flavor from real fruit. We Love Lemons: We love them so much that we wanted to be able to enjoy their refreshing taste wherever we go so we made True Lemon. True Lemon is the most convenient way to add fresh-squeezed lemon taste to your water, tea or beverages. Each Packet: Is made from lemon juices, oils and 100% natural ingredients; Has 0 calories. Has no artificial sweeteners, colors, sodium or preservatives; Has 25% of an adult's daily vitamin C requirements. True Lemon is also great for seasoning and recipes that call for lemon juice. To find out all the fabulous ways to use True Lemon and get the peel on special offers, visit True Lemon. Keeps you true. The essential lemon oils and juices are cold-pressed and crystallized so True Lemon always tastes like fresh-squeezed lemons. And it's a great source of vitamin C too! Guarantee of Satisfaction: As a small company who shares your big love for citrus, we offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. If you're not completely satisfied (or just have a question/comment), please give us a call at 1-866-885-3666. We're in the mix! Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. No preservatives. Gluten free. Made in the USA.